Welcome to our Warranty Claim Ticket System. 

Before you continue to lodge a Warranty Claim, please ensure you have registered your Spa Warranty within the required time frames - your claim may be refused. Please click here to do so now. 

Warranty Process ​

Once you submit a claim

Once you complete the warranty claim form, with all required information, you will be allocated a

Ticket Number. This will be emailed to you within 10 minutes. 

What happens next

Our After Care Team will review your Warranty Claim within 48 hours from the time lodgement. Please note this Department is open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm AEST. 

After Review of Claim 

Once our After Care Team will reviews your Warranty Claim, additional information may be requested via email or telephone. If the Claim can be resolved without a further technical opinion or input, this will be attempted as first solution.

Referral to Head Tech

Our After Care Team, may refer your Warranty Claim onto our Head Technician for further assessment or discussion. Please note our Technician will aim to make contact within 48 hours from time of referral

Setting Expectations

We understand that your request is urgent, however we are working as quickly as possible to get to your claim. Lodging multiple claims will not get your claim served quicker, it will simply create more jobs in our system, therefore creating more delays. We appreciate your cooperation. 

At times parts required to carry our any Warranty Claims may not be available at the time of lodgement. Spas Direct will attempt to source replacement parts via the relevant manufacturer.

Any time frames quoted are to be used as a guide only.

Thank you for your co-operation