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The great thing about social media is that anyone and everyone with access to the web and a Facebook account can make themselves heard. If they have an opinion they can tell the world, or at least the part of it they allow to view their posts. We have had thousands of people tell the world how much they like their new spa… and one or two vent about how much they don’t like it. Nobody’s perfect, certainly not us but we do try our very best to make our customers happy; not just with the lowest spa prices for quality spas but with the delivery and installation, follow up service and more. If things don’t go exactly to plan, at least with us you can chat with someone who really cares. There are only seven of us, working seven days a week, from 8am to 8pm but we are here well after the opposition shuts up shop at 5. I bet they didn’t tell you that, did they?



It’s simple. No big secret. Volume. We buy the same quality spas and pumps as our competition for the same wholesale prices. We sell cheaper so we sell more so overall we make enough margin to stay in business, buy more stock, sell more spas. Repeat. It’s not rocket science.



I know, we’re supposed to carry on about what’s in it for you, our customer. But you know that already: a good spa at an affordable price; what else? So what’s in it for us? We are a family run business so, like you, we need to make enough of an income to live a comfortable life and yes, we have spas at home, too. I could go on about giving back to the world, ridding our nation of injustice and making this planet a better place but we’re both here to get a fair deal, buy (or sell) a good spa at a price that suits us both. Stay tuned, we’re putting together some great deals just to show the competition what real value is.



I’ll make this short and sweet. How does 24 months interest free finance sound? Mention this post when you call, email or text. It’s yours. No messing about, no hassle. Sorted.



OK, no ask, no get as they say. You want more then you shall have it. How about two, yes that’s 2, FREE spare filters with every order placed this week. No, make it this month. For October. Saves you money, makes you feel good, makes sure you change your filter when you should, no excuses. We’re talking Win/Win.


6. BUT WAIT...

Even if you put your order in before reading this post you are still going to be grinning so wide you’ll need to turn side on to get into the bathroom. Two Hundred and Fifty Spondulicks OFF the final price of your new spa! Yes, you read that right. $250 you will not have to pay for your new spa. So that’s 24 months Interest Free terms, 2 FREE filters AND $250 off the top! And the quality of your spa and pump has not sunk a centimetre! It is still made from top quality materials and you still get all the value, warranty and pleasure every one of our customers enjoys. Call NOW!



On behalf of all of us here I wish to apologise to all our competitors. We have taken a large chunk of market share from you guys and we know that has to hurt. If you need help, let us know and we’ll send you every one of our customers who wants to pay more for the same great quality spa because we only want customers looking for the best prices in Oz.


If you have been reading all sorts of nasty stuff on social media about this business, keep in mind it says far more about them than it does us. We don’t sink to that depth. Yes, it upsets us to read untruths and outright defamatory rubbish but we are all about selling lots of spas at the best prices and making our customers happy, so happy they will tell their friends who will want a spa of their own. We don’t have the time, the energy or the desire to waste our time on negative people, saying negative things. Buy from us and you can be sure you will get the best service, the best spa and the best price. If anything goes a bit pear shaped it is usually our contracted delivery/installation agents who have let us down; not the product and not our in-house staff. But don’t get mad, don’t get ‘even’, get on the phone or email and let us know. Give us a chance to fix whatever the problem is, then tell your friends how happy you are. And buy another spa.!



What about our warranty, indeed! First of all, please keep in mind that we are subject to some of the most stringent consumer protection legislation in the developed world… and that is a good thing. We support the protection of the customer because it is the customer who buys our spas and without the customer, we don’t have a business. Simple, basic logic. NRS (Not rocket science).


Have a look at our warranty here; It’s in black and white; plain, simple English. No double talk, no hidden fine print. You get 10 years on the structure, 8 on the Acrylic structure. 5 years on the plumbing and jets, 2 on the pump and heater and 1 year on the Acrylic Surface and all other components.


Why the different periods of cover? Simple once again. Some things last longer than others, some war more or move more and thus are more susceptible to wearing out. Nothing is built to last forever. We could build you a spa to last several thousand years but it would be made out of stone, have no heater other than the sun and you’d have to hire people to whip up the bubbles.


Our spas are top quality, backed by a fair warranty and at an affordable price. And you don’t have to hire anyone to whip up the bubbles.





A lot of spa sellers will fail to mention one very important fact of life with a spa. Any spa. They don’t run on fresh air. They require water and electricity to be a ‘thing’. Like most things in life there are three components to enjoying the luxury lifestyle anyone can have when they buy a spa. The spa, the water and the electricity to make the bubbles.


We offer the spa at the best prices on the internet or anywhere. The water you will have to have plumbed in and of course the electricity needs to be there… and paid for. Electricity isn’t cheap and you have to think about this before you say ‘Heck Yeah! I wanna spa!’ Well, here’s something else the others don’t tell you. First of all you can save up to 70% of your power costs if you invest in a heat pump. Oh yeah, we sell that a lot cheaper than the competition, too. How does $1500 to their usual $3990 sound?


Even using 70% less power than without a heat pump, you have to pay the electricity bill, right? No point having such a fantastic lifestyle item and being too afraid to switch it on. We can’t do much about the cost of your electricity but keep in mind, if you buy a master swim spa from us at $20K that the rest retail at $40K, or even an entry level 6 person unit we let go for $5990 while they are typically asking twice that… how much electricity can you buy with the savings? You could be loving your new lifestyle for years before you even come close to shelling out what the opposition want just for the spa!

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