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About us!  

It's not easy keeping over 3500 customers happy each year, but we strive to achieve the best possible results.

We are so pleased to rank 4.5 starts out of 5 on overall Customer Satisfaction.  

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Leanne Reid.jpg

Customer: Leanne Reid from NSW 

Spa Model: Sunspa Deluxe 

Review Below:

We absolutely love our Coral Deluxe Spa from Spas Direct. We have always wanted a spa as it is great for physical therapy as well as relaxation and i love being in water as its so calming. I use our spa everyday regardless of the weather this is why our spa is probably the best thing we have ever purchased and zip payment gave us the chance to do it. The spa direct people have been amazing with any help we required and always there for any questions we have to maintaining our spa at all times. This is definitely one of my happy places to be and our pug pipppa loves sitting with her mum on her own towel. Thanks spas direct for our gorgeous spa definitely the best around.

lyn atkinson.jpg

Customer: Lyn Atkinson from VIC 

Spa Model: Coral Deluxe 

Review Below:


Love my Spa !


Love my Spa ! 


Love my Spa !  

Customer: Caroline Limmer from QLD 

Spa Model: Extreme Swim Spa 

Review Below:


Love love love our spa. 365 days of water fun.

Great staff, spa arrived super quick (in time for Christmas).

Absolutely recommend Spas Direct to anyone, you guys are awesome and so easy to deal with.

Caroline Limmer.jpg

Customer: Katrina Garvey-Jessen from QLD 

Spa Model: Cascade Swim Spa 

Review Below:


Beautiful on a hot summers day 🍻😊

katrina Garvey-jessen.jpg

Customer: Tiffany Sarra from VIC

Spa Model: Pacific Deluxe 

Review Below:


We love our pacific spa deluxe.

Best thing we have ever bought. We have so much family fun together in it .

tiffany sarra.jpg
Deborah de Beer.jpg

Customer: Deborah De Beer from QLD 

Spa Model: Coral Deluxe 

Review Below:


We bought ourselves our much wanted for years spa on Boxing Day. Was and still is the best present we’ve ever bought. We’re in it every single day.


Love it thank you Spas Direct.

Lor Ellen.jpg

Customer: Lor Ellen from WA

Spa Model: Coral Deluxe 

Review Below:


Our Christmas pressie to ourselves and we love it!!


Does a good job of keeping the aches & pains away. Love all the colour settings especially the multi colour changing LEDs!!


Best buy ever thanks Spa Direct its a bloody beauty.

Joyce Clark.jpg

Customer: Joyce Clark from WA 

Spa Model: Cascade Platinum Swim Spa  

Review Below:


Our Platinum Swim Spa is now 1 year old and all family and friends love to come over for a dip. 

Thanks Spas Direct ! 

Customer: Matt Hall from VIC

Spa Model: Sunspa Deluxe 

Review Below:


I bought it as a Christmas & Birthday present for my wife. It was a big hit on Christmas Day with the in-laws over for Lunch.


It made my wife's Christmas Day! 

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